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Dental implants are the closest thing to re-creating a natural tooth that can be done, and they are one of the few healthcare therapies that truly fully restores original function of the missing part.  The implant itself becomes the new "root" of the tooth, with an abutment and restoration to complete the process.  The implant is placed into bone at the site of the missing tooth.  Following a healing period of 3-4 months, the implant can be restored.  We often work as a team with specialists in complex cases to achieve the best result possible for you.  Implants can be used to treat different dental conditions, including individual tooth replacement, multiple tooth replacement with a bridge, and a full arch restorative appliance in a fixed or removeable application.


Custom implant abutments provide beautiful results at about the same price as stock abutments.  (an abutment is the part that attaches to the implant and provides support for the final restoration)

 The following pictures demonstrate the difference between "Standard abutments" (photo on the left, notice the gum area of the tooth in the circle), versus the photo on the right showing a "Custom abutment" ( notice the gum area of the last tooth- it appears in alignment and more natural).

The following xrays further show the difference between a stock  abutment ( apple on a stick on the left), and a custom abutment on the right that has a much smoother transition from the actual implant to the crown in the mouth.



An implant may be the perfect solution to replacing your missing tooth, and multiple implants may provide you a new alternative to a removeable partial or denture.  We are happy to answer your questions about how dental implants can improve your dental health.